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In Tulsa, your heating systems are very important with our harsh winter season. Your heating needs to be working correctly, and stay working correctly. If you need a completely new HVAC system, we have you covered with Amana, Lennox, Carrier HVAC, Carrier Furnace, Ruud, Trane HVAC, and Trane residential. Our expert HVAC technicians can install as well as perform furnace and HVAC repair.

Complete Heating System Service

For HVAC systems, our technicians are highly trained to complete even the toughest furnace repair. Our HVAC Technicians can repair and maintain any system, no matter how old or who it was that installed it. If you need advice on any heating and cooling system, our systems can assist you in which is best for you. We offer a wide variety of heating and cooling systems from: Amana, Lennox, Carrier HVAC, Carrier Furnace, Ruud, Trane HVAC, and Trane residential.

It often always seems to happen that when you need the heating the most that your gas heater or gas furnace goes out. Our HVAC technicians will be out to assist you as soon as they can with any of your emergency repairs. It gets cold out here, and we know that you need your HVAC system and heating to keep working.

Tulsa’s A Best Air offers heating options for everyone. We also offer HVAC parts, furnace repair, HVAC repair and more for many HVAC systems in Tulsa.

We can also handle all of your HVAC ductwork and HVAC parts. There is no project too difficult for our HVAC contractors to handle.

Types of Furnaces

We offer many brands in furnaces for your heating systems and are sure to come up with something to accommodate your needs. It is quite often that people assume their HVAC systems are the best for their homes. This can sometimes be true, but not always, and our amazing HVAC contractors can help you figure out which type of HVAC system works best for you.

When you are looking to buy a new heating and cooling system, or simply are looking to replace your old gas furnace we can help. We definitely can install many great HVAC systems into your home, from gas furnaces to electric, and our HVAC ductwork is great to keep your home heating up.

Installing this HVAC ductwork can definitely be tough if it's not already in place, but could be well worth your time.

What is an AFUE Rating?

All of the heating systems out there come with an AFUE rating. Typically, the electric or gas furnaces you buy today are 80% AFUE or 90+%. This rating directly relates to the energy it uses, so those with 90%+ are being far more energy efficient with the fuel that they use.

The more efficient the gas heater, the less likely you will need to call one of our HVAC technicians to take care of your system. But even if you do need to take care of your system, we have the HVAC parts for all your furnace repair needs. Our expert HVAC contractors will make sure that even if you have the most efficient gas heater or electric, that the HVAC parts and furnace repair you need will be right on time.

Our Commitment

Here at A Best Air & Heat, our mission is to perform the highest level of service and quality workmanship for our customers. We have your best interests in our minds, and if you need any HVAC parts, Furnace repair, or simply an electric or gas heater, we will take care of you. And remember, we carry a wide variety of heating and cooling systems from:  Amana, Lennox, Carrier HVAC, Carrier Furnace, Ruud, Trane HVAC, and Trane residential, and many more.

Proudly serving Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, Bixby and Broken Arrow.

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Our company specializes in residential system repairs in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Diagnosing the Problem

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We charge a flat rate diagnostic fee to determine the problem with your system.

Up Front Pricing

Our team is trained to be upfront with all of the available options and costs.

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